Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lubbock, TX

I am in Lubbock, Texas right now.  Just left New Braunfels last night with the Kenneth Hagin Ministries Crusade team.

On each of these trips I learn and relearn what it is to have faith in God.  Am I that forgetful?  No, I honestly believe that faith comes by hearing and rehearing (and rehearing...) what the Bible has to say about our situations.  I'm patiently waiting and expecting the day when my eyes are opened to how easy it is to believe for healing.  Hilary and I seem to have faith in other areas like provision and favor, but healing takes a true child like faith.  God designed it so easy that a child could believe.  If we peel back the defense mechanisms we've created as adults we can trust in our creator to 'quicken' or heal our bodies.

When I look at my works do deserve healing I simply can't do anything to attain divine health.  When I look at what Jesus did on the cross for me I can rest assured that I was healed when the curtain to the Holy of Holies was rent in two and that healing is sealed because He rose from the grave three days later.

How is your mindset today?  Are your thoughts from below a conquering situation, or above an already conquered situation.

Lastly:  Eph 2 says that 'by grace we are saved, though faith.'  Nothing we did helped us to attain salvation.  It's not something we can boast about.  We didn't do it.  It was by grace that I was saved.  I just received it through faith.

Faith is the activating switch to God's power.  It's by faith we're saved.  It's by faith we're provided for.  it's by faith we're healed.

Thus concluding the thoughts of Willy Counts.

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