Saturday, February 19, 2011

My perfection...

Has your perfection saved anyone lately?

I know mine hasn't!  It might be frustrating at times to think that someone that lived a very sinful lifestyle could be more influential on their surroundings than yourself - someone dedicated to living a 'good' life.

I'll be honest.  I've never smoked.  I've never drank - besides during communion at the lutheran church, and the sip of champagne at my granddad's birthday party while I was on a cruise.  I've never been immoral with women.  My foul language has never taken the best of me.  I've never got in a fight!

OK OK.  Why?  The first reason is that I didn't want to disappoint my parents or my family.  I love them.  The actions that I listed above would have caused divisions between the people I am in a relationship with.  It's so important for parents to live by the standards of the bible.  While I didn't know about Jesus and who He was to me I still obeyed my parents who set the standard of living from the Word.  Since I know Jesus for myself, it's satisfying to know that my testimony is still intact because of the way I was raised.

The point of me saying this is to point you towards a relationship with Jesus.  If what you have with Jesus is a religion - a book of rules and regulations - then there is much much more.  It's evident that teenagers need this relationship, because the religion of 'Christianity' is just telling them what to do without empowering them.

The key is: Don't look at what you can and can't do.  Aim to please Jesus, whom you're in a relationship with.  In His word, he says "Those who love me keep my commands."  Get the revelation of who Jesus is and His love for us and it will make you want to please him.  In doing so, you'll stop the habitual things that condemn you from coming to Him.

Make the decision and run to Him today.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


i'd like to say that we've all got potential.  i don't need a life coach or psychiatrist to tell me that 'I've got potential.'  By saying that, they, of course, are stating that they don't see anything right now or even in the future but eventually something good will come out of me.

many that read this are of like mind with me.  I certainly believe that from the time i was born again i have been sowing and reaping into my potential.  I don't know if I'll ever completely get there.  But, then again, thats the cool part.  It seems that I've got unlimited potential.  Christians, when living out their revelation of who they are in Christ, are unstoppable.  We've got the best thing going for us - because our potential for success never ends.

I work with Axis Youth @ Rhema Bible Church in Tulsa.  Some of the kids I have the pleasure of mentoring have some of the greatest leadership abilities, people skills, artistic and marketing ideas I've ever seen.  Since I'm in an authoritative position can see through some of their immaturity and understand that they've really got some great potential ahead of them.  How much more can God see through us?  Setting aside his ability to be omnipotent and omnipresent in all spans of the imagination, He can truly see exactly how much we've been invested in.  It has to grieve Him when we aren't able to see how much we can do.  When we look at ourselves as inferior to others it must sadden him.  [like a dear friend who you've invested so much time in that despises themselves].

anyway.  all that to say this.  A personal goal of mine:


this, actually, is not a rant of anykind.  these are feelings that i have felt over several occasions in my life and not so much going on at this exact moment. if this helps anyone else other than me, well, cool.  im glad:)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i.e. blog

i've got ideas about many things.  I need a place to put them - and i'm not the greatest at keeping a journal (although i love to handwrite things on paper - nothing like it).

i've got ideas about music
i've got ideas about God
and business.
i like to cook, but i don't have many ideas on that.

i'm still learning a lot.  Hilary, my father, Daniel, Wes, Josh, Joab, Patrick, Dan, Pastor Hagin, and many other are still progressively teaching me about new things:  conflict resolution.  how to pray.  how to make your guitar sound like the envy of all peoples.  how to trust.  how to enjoy my time on the earth.

i endeavor to enjoy life.  and thats what I'm going to do, with my wife.  We are going to live an awesome life together, learning.  We, who are in a relationship, have the express opportunity to learn the weaknesses of each other; not to point fingers but to seize the opportunity to help and lift up each other.  How beautiful.

the door is open to those who choose to go through it.