Sunday, February 13, 2011

i.e. blog

i've got ideas about many things.  I need a place to put them - and i'm not the greatest at keeping a journal (although i love to handwrite things on paper - nothing like it).

i've got ideas about music
i've got ideas about God
and business.
i like to cook, but i don't have many ideas on that.

i'm still learning a lot.  Hilary, my father, Daniel, Wes, Josh, Joab, Patrick, Dan, Pastor Hagin, and many other are still progressively teaching me about new things:  conflict resolution.  how to pray.  how to make your guitar sound like the envy of all peoples.  how to trust.  how to enjoy my time on the earth.

i endeavor to enjoy life.  and thats what I'm going to do, with my wife.  We are going to live an awesome life together, learning.  We, who are in a relationship, have the express opportunity to learn the weaknesses of each other; not to point fingers but to seize the opportunity to help and lift up each other.  How beautiful.

the door is open to those who choose to go through it.

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